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The Rome Foundation and LogicNets Team up to Create Interactive Clinical Decision Toolkit

Rome IV Resources for FGID Diagnosis and Treatment to be Available in Online Platform RALEIGH, NC and WASHINGTON, May 20, 2016 – The Rome Foundation, in collaboration with LogicNets, has created the Rome IV Interactive Clinical Decision Toolkit. This new intelligent software system addresses the sophistication and complexity of FGID diagnosis and treatment protocols by providing an online resource to assist practitioners in achieving optimal clinical outcomes. It offers a powerful online and interactive approach for accessing the combination of the Rome IV Diagnostic Algorithms and the MDCP treatment guidelines on-demand and at the point of care. The Rome Foundation and LogicNets will be jointly previewing the Rome IV Interactive Clinical Decision Toolkit at the Rome Foundation booth (#4525) at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in San Diego California, May 21-25, 2016. The new online system, designed to interactively deliver advanced Rome knowledge to physicians and clinicians via any browser based device will be released during the early 3rd quarter of 2016. “In partnering with LogicNets, we have developed an interactive platform for our Rome IV educational materials,” commented Dr. Douglas Drossman, President of The Rome Foundation. “By combining and integrating both the diagnostic and treatment decision making tools, this system approximates how clinicians think through the complex challenges of working with their patients having FGIDs. It will enhance the value of our books and other educational resources by adding a tool that is more proximate to the way good expert clinicians think.” “Rome Foundation is recognized as providing global standards of excellence for understanding and treating FGIDs. We could not ask for a better content partner to demonstrate the value... read more

G2 Speech and LogicNets Announce Strategic Partnership for Clinical Structured Reporting

WASHINGTON D.C., April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — G2 Speech, a leading provider of speech recognition and workflow management solutions with operations in the UK and Benelux, and LogicNets, the Washington D.C.-based developer of the LogicNets decision support platform, are pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic partnership. The two organizations plan to jointly develop and release to the European and North American markets later this year a clinical workflow management solution with embedded clinical decision support (CDS).  G2 Speech’s innovative workflow platform, SpeechReport, which uses the Recognosco SDK, will now be significantly enhanced to include decision-based, structured reporting – technology provided by LogicNets. With this new offering, medical professionals can dictate their observations directly into a dynamic, rules-based report template which is integrated into the EPR/PACS/RIS workflow and accurately captures clinical data input, and processes it for downstream workflow and analytics. Now, professionals in radiology, pathology and other clinical fields can use advanced speech recognition to create significantly more complete, accurate and standardized reports while completing their customary workflow in a timely and efficient manner. “The addition of LogicNets’ CDS platform means it will be possible for our customers to not only create structured documents with actionable results, but to deliver decision support on top of that,” commented Bert Groeneveld, Chief Executive of G2 Speech. “This will help our users to easily follow clinical guidelines as they are guided through even the most complex decision-making processes to the appropriate diagnostic and treatment outcomes. The benefits extend beyond just the clinicians to referrers, upper management and, most important, the patients.” “G2 Speech’s established presence in the clinical marketplace... read more

INFICON and LogicNets Announce Release of the FabGuard eOCAP – Expert System for Semiconductor Manufacturers

New Systems Lets Semiconductor Fabs Automate Factory Control Procedures Syracuse, NY and Washington DC — July 14, 2015 — INFICON, a leading provider of process monitoring systems to the global semiconductor industry, and LogicNets, the developer of the LogicNets expert system automation platform, announced today the general availability of the INFICON FabGuard eOCAP software solution built on the LogicNets platform. The FabGuard eOCAP (electronic Out-of-Control Action Plan) system allows semiconductor plants to rapidly automate their own proprietary and sophisticated procedures for reacting to unplanned events in the manufacturing process, as well as managing regular procedures and workflows. The system replaces the use of unstructured documents, intelligently routes users to critical reference materials, and records and reports on the actions taken to mediate each scenario. Customers are able to design and model their own action plans, provide automation and integration into existing factory systems, and expand the system to meet their ever growing and changing needs. “Adding an eOCAP product to the INFICON portfolio is a logical extension to the FabGuard Fault Detection and Classification product family. Working with LogicNets has allowed INFICON to bring a robust solution to market quickly that is well integrated with other INFICON solutions, said Peter Maier, President of INFICON Inc.,” FabGuard eOCAP helps organizations move beyond traditional knowledge repositories, interactively helping non-experts find and apply the right knowledge through relevant and properly sequenced multi-step processes. “LogicNets has been a critical factor in helping us add automated OCAP to our offering,” said Maier. “We needed a platform that would allow us to take our unmatched experience in identifying potential failures and other important events and... read more

Rome Foundation and LOGICNETS form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Online Decision Support for Leading Gastroenterology Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols

Advanced Decision Support Platform targeted for Rome MDCP II   RALEIGH, N.C. and WASHINGTON, April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Rome Foundation, the pre-eminent global source for protocols to diagnose and treat functional gastroenterology disorders (FGIDs), and LogicNets, the developer of the LogicNets decision support automation platform, announced TODAY the formation of a new strategic partnership. The two organizations plan to jointly develop and make available to clinicians and practitioners worldwide an advanced online decision support system for Rome’s next generation multi-dimensional clinical profiles (MDCP) protocols. The LogicNets platform’s visual modeling capability is expected to greatly improve the ability of Rome members – who are leading experts in the field of Gastroenterology – to capture their expertise so that it can be shared through an online interactive system with a worldwide medical community. It is also expected to enhance the ability of practitioners around the world to successfully access Rome expertise, diagnose and treat patients, increase their own knowledge and credentials, and contribute to outcomes-based learning facilitated by the planned system. Practitioners treating FGIDs have relied on “the Rome Criteria” for over 20 years to properly diagnose FGIDs. During that period, the Rome Algorithms have been available in traditional and online publications including dedicated issues of the American Journal of Gastroenterology. However, as knowledge in the field has progressed, Rome has recognized the need to employ a new multi-dimensional model to capture the full dimensionality of the patient’s illness in order to better target the treatment. This involves the need to integrate not only the Rome diagnosis, but also the psychological, physiological, quality of life and other factors that contribute to... read more

Limited Times and LogicNets Announce Collaborative Release of The Durationator Copyright Research System

Reports from New System Now Offered By Thomson Reuters NEW ORLEANS and WASHINGTON, D.C. Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Limited Times, the leading online knowledge source for researching copyright usage, and LogicNets, the developer of the LogicNets expert system automation platform, announced today the launch of a significantly enhanced version of the Limited Times Durationator Copyright Research System built on the LogicNets platform. The Durationator provides legal professionals with an online on-demand environment to analyze use rights for any copyrighted property under U.S. and international laws. The new version of the Durationator system has been built on the LogicNets expert system platform enabling Limited Times to accurately and dynamically model all factors affecting copyright use regardless of their complexity or potentially changing legal interpretations. In conjunction with the new release, Thomson Reuters will make the service available to legal professionals. The Durationator is the first online system for researching usage constraints for copyrighted materials reflecting the unmatched and extensive knowledge about copyright law and usage aggregated over the years by Limited Time’s founders and staff, all of whom are associated with Tulane University Law School. By virtue of using an Expert Decision platform, the new Durationator version has been able to capture in less than a year the highly complicated legal research protocols for copyright laws in the U.S., and by the end of 2015, every country in the world. Now, legal professionals and others can order reports from Thomson Reuters to check the viability of using copyrighted works prior to investing in the rights or exercising potentially unsound usage strategies. “LogicNets has been a critical factor in positioning our company for success,” said Ron Gard CEO of Limited... read more

Washington DC based LogicNets Announces $3M Investment from Dutch ICT Automatisering

Washington, DC, Aug. 25, 2014 — LogicNets, Inc. the web-based Expert Decision Support platform used for automating complex decisions-making processes, announces an investment of $3 million from ICT Automatisering (Euronext: ICT:NA), a leading European IT services company headquartered in the Netherlands. The investment will be used to increase LogicNets’ product development and deployment capacity. Additionally ICT will expand its exclusive distribution rights for LogicNets to cover all Western Europe. LogicNets and ICT’s ongoing collaboration has led to the delivery of large-scale expert decision support applications to major healthcare, government, and industrial organizations. These include the Dutch National Pathology Registry, and the Dutch national railway system (ProRail). Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Automatisering commented: “Working with LogicNets we see a unique opportunity to expand the range and value of our services both within our traditional customer base and beyond.” LogicNets’ software platform provides a visual designer enabling organizations to capture and share complex decision-making processes. “ICT is the perfect delivery partner for our platform, providing us with strategic access to major organizations along with superb technical competence to deliver in Europe. ICT’s investment will ensure greater expansion of our market share in our core verticals of Medical, Technical Support, and Health & Safety both in the US and Europe.”– said Jelle Ferwerda, CEO of LogicNets. About ICT Automatisering ICT Automatisering (ICT) provides superior technological solutions in the information and communication technology domain, particularly in these verticals: Automotive, Logistics, Machine & Systems, Industrial Automation, Energy & Utilities, and Healthcare. ICT offers solutions through secondment of highly-educated, experienced staff to implement project-based systems solutions, and offering services to maintain ICT systems. For more information on ICT,... read more

Profile Magazine features LogicNets Customer Success Story

This month’s issue of Profile Magazine has an interesting feature on our customer Kirk Malloy, VP of Tech Services for Illumina. Kirk describes his overall success and strategy at Illumina and highlights the company’s use of LogicNets as their platform for automated troubleshooting. The company uses LogicNets to automate web self-service for their customers, Call Center agents and Global Field Service reps. As Kirk points out in the article, this technology strategy has resulted in significant improvement in rep training and ramp-up time, reduction in time-to-resolution, and better automated handling of initial issues by the customers themselves. If you consider the inherent complexity of Illumina’s genome sequencing technology, you can appreciate both the challenge and the results they’ve achieved. [Article as it appeared in the printed... read more

LogicNets Signs Partnership Deal with European Technology Solutions Provider ICT Automatisering

Washington DC, January 23, 2014 — LogicNets, Inc. announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with leading Dutch technology solutions provider ICT Automatisering (ICT). The two companies are joining forces to offer LogicNets’ state-of-the-art Expert System to customers in Western Europe. The impetus for this new cooperation was the November 2013 awarding of the contract with PALGA, the Dutch national pathology foundation, to automate and ensure the accuracy of pathology reporting throughout the Netherlands. Aart Wegink, Sales Director ICT Automatisering: “Today, the rapid availability of knowledge and information is essential. Based on our experience with the LogicNets expert system at PALGA, we see numerous opportunities to deploy this system in a number of industries in the markets in which ICT is active, including healthcare and complex technical support departments. Thanks to the unique self-learning aspect of LogicNets’ platform, ICT is firmly convinced that this solution will provide our clients with real value.” Jelle Ferwerda, CEO LogicNets: “The LogicNets expert system platform is unmatched in automating critical knowledge applications such as medical synoptic reporting and automated customer support and self-service. LogicNets already counts NASA, Ford Motor Company, Ingersoll Rand, and Illumina among its prominent US clients. Thanks to our partnership with ICT, we have now significantly increased our presence and potential in continental Europe.” About ICT Automatisering ICT Automatisering (ICT) provides superior technological solutions in the information and communication technology domain, particularly in these verticals: Automotive, Logistics, Machine & Systems, Industrial Automation, Energy & Utilities, and Healthcare. ICT offers solutions through secondment of highly-educated, experienced staff to implement project-based systems solutions, and offering services to maintain ICT systems. For... read more

LogicNets Makes Researching Copyright Status Easier

LogicNets began working last year with Tulane Law School’s Elizabeth Townsend Gard and her husband Ron Gard on The Durationator — an online tool that makes it much easier to research copyright status. The project was the subject of this article on Tulane’s “New Wave” news... read more

LogicNets Announces Contract Award from PALGA Dutch National Pathology Network

Washington DC, November 21, 2013 — LogicNets Inc, a Washington DC-based developer of Expert Systems technology, announced today that its LogicNets decision engine platform has been selected as the core technology to power an automated synoptic reporting and diagnostic protocol system for PALGA, a Dutch-based foundation that services a nationwide network of over 50 pathology laboratories throughout the Netherlands. The PALGA contract was awarded to LogicNets in conjunction with ICT Automatisering (ICT), the company’s Dutch integration partner and a leading global provider of high-quality technology solutions. The LogicNets system is an intelligent platform that makes it easy to digitally capture and reuse the know-how of experts in a wide variety of fields, including pathology. The new PALGA Protocol Module (PPM) will use a distributed architecture to provide pathologists throughout the Netherlands with up-to-date intelligent guidance for analyzing pathology data and generating standardized synoptic reports, as well as an architecture for aggregating and centralizing pathology reports in the national PALGA database. This system eliminates time-consuming manual processes for pathologists – particularly the need to narrate observations and conclusions offline – and helps to ensure the accuracy and validity of diagnostic conclusions, enforcing the standard national multidisciplinary oncology guidelines in the Netherlands according to the diagnostic guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). The new Protocol Module will be used by over 400 pathologists and analysts at more than 50 institutions to support synoptic reporting. Furthermore, it will facilitate PALGA’s goal to produce 30 nationwide pathology protocols over the next few years. ICT will play a crucial role in deploying and supporting the system; integrating it into PALGA’s existing data management infrastructure;... read more