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LogicNets Platform Version 8.1 Released

July 2024

LogicNets has released an important new version of its LogicNets decision support platform. LogicNets Version 8.1 is packed with new features designed to enhance your experience and productivity with LogicNets.

Highlights of Version 8.1 include:

  • Project-level versioning for safe multi-designer collaboration
  • New Shared Workspaces and Deployment Manager modules for large-scale authoring and deployment
  • Designer enhancements: custom configurations, improved navigation, multi-language support, and more
  • Step-by-Step processing for FHIR Questionnaire export module
  • Significant security and performance enhancements

LogicNets Platform Version 8.0 Released

October 2023

LogicNets has released a major new version of its LogicNets no-code platform for rapid development of powerful decision support applications. In addition to new features for streamlining application design, the release includes a range of new functionality focused on healthcare interoperability and enhanced security.

Highlights include:

  1. New Healthcare integration and interoperability modules (still in Beta mode pending field reaction and validation).
  2. Significant security improvements with upgrades to the underlying software infrastructure
  3. Run-time support for the popular Ubuntu variant of Linux
  4. New Designer options and parts for optimizing authoring of decision content

LogicNets Response to CMS Proposed Rule Change

September 2023

LogicNets continues to be 100% committed to delivering its Appropriate Use CDSM solution in compliance with the original concepts set forth by CMS for the ordering of advanced imaging. We believe that our AUC Solution sets the standard for how clinical guidelines can be easily and productively incorporated into the healthcare workflow to optimize care.  Recently, however, the CMS announced proposed rule changes that would indefinitely postpone their activation of enforcement actions to penalize ordering providers who don’t use a qCDSM like the AUC Solution.  LogicNets has submitted a formal response to CMS which will be included in the public record and which we hope will influence CMS in incentivizing providers to categorically incorporate AUC validation into their workflow despite problems that CMS has had in implementing auditing as originally conceived in the PAMA act of 2014.  Please feel free to review our comment and position statement here.

Arkansas Urology Uses LogicNets AUC to Streamline Order Processing

August 2023

Arkansas Urology, a leading healthcare organization dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized urological care to patients in the state of Arkansas and beyond, has implemented its use of the LogicNets AUC Solution into its operations.  Since early 2023, the organization has accessed the LogicNets standalone web portal to quickly and efficiently validate the clinical appropriateness of advanced imaging service orders.  The AUC Solution streamlines and optimizes the validation of advanced imaging orders with its unique guideline visualization. Implementing AUC validation for CMS patients in advance of CMS enforcement highlights Arkansas Urology’s commitment to using advanced technology to maximize quality.

LogicNets has completed its 2023 SOC 2 TYPE 2 Audit.

May 2023

LogicNets has successfully completed its SOC2 TYPE2 2023 audit, signifying our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy for our customers.​

Organizations, such as hospitals, insurance companies, etc., often rely on various technology vendors or cloud service providers to manage their electronic health records (EHRs), store patient data, or provide other critical IT services. In these cases, they may require their service providers to comply with SOC 2 Type 2 standards. ​

The SOC 2 Type 2 audit means that organizations engaging with LogicNets can be assured of appropriate implementation of safeguards to protect sensitive information, including measures to ensure the security of data, maintain system availability, safeguard patient privacy, and protect against unauthorized access or breaches.​

LogicNets customers can request copies of the 2023 SOC 2 Type 2 audit.​

LogicNets Releases AUC Solution Version 3.1

April 2023

LogicNets has released a new version of the AUC Solution, enhancing both the interactive AUC Portal and the API for the CDSM Web Service.  The release includes a range of features, many to enhance the ability of our workflow vendor partners to provision and manage their customers’ use of AUC.

Highlights include:

  • Patient ID Masking: organizations can now implement their own Patient ID Masking formats to avoid the entry or display of patient identifying data into the system while maintaining the ability to correlate consultation to specific patient cases as is required under the AUC mandate.
  • “My Customers” referred users management module: EHR and RIS vendor partners can use an automated management feature to invite customer organizations to access and create their own organization accounts associated with the referring vendor.
  • CDSM API refined integration of OrganizationID and ExternalID fields: new processing rules allow vendor partners integrating to the CDSM to indicate whether AUC consultation capacity is to be drawn from the integrator’s LogicNets account or from the account of their customers who may be acquiring capacity directly from LogicNets.
  • Report Filtering: EHR and RIS vendor partners can generate consolidated reports and filter for all their suborganizations included their referred customer accounts.

AUC Solution v3.1 is currently in production and can be accessed by customers and users in free trial mode

LogicNets Partners with Royal College of Pathology Australasia (RCPA)

March 2023

LogicNets is participating in a first-of-its-kind program launched by the Royal College of Pathology Australasia (RCPA) to assist pathologists in integrating advanced structured reporting into their histopathology workflow.

During the coming months, affiliated pathologists in Australasia can get free access to a range of structured reporting applications. Building on our success since 2013 of providing all the pathologist in the Netherlands with the most advanced structured reporting application, we are delighted to have made our system available for this new initiative.

For this program LogicNets has rendered a select group of RCPA and ICCR (International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting) structured pathology reporting protocols. These protocols optimally guide the user through a sequence of steps hiding all the complexities required for properly completing a histopathological report. By ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the histopathological report and the generation of structured data, the benefits for both cancer patient care and cancer research are tremendous and have already been documented in several recent scholarly papers.

The LogicNets structured reporting system integrates seamlessly with lab systems, thereby supporting the existing workflow. This enables pathologists to meet the now-mandatory structured reporting requirements of the National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) through level 6.

  • Read more about the RCPA Software Trial: here
  • Read more about LogicNets structured reporting for pathology: here
  • Read more about the proven benefits of structured pathology reporting on patient care and outcomes: here
  • Read more about Palga and the Netherlands’ success in deploying a nationwide pathology reporting platform: here

Debevoise & Plimpton Wins Financial Times Innovation Award Using LogicNets

December 2022

Congratulations are in order! LogicNets customer Debevoise & Plimpton LLP just won the Financial Times of London’s prestigious 2022 Award for Innovation in Digitizing Legal Services.

Debevoise & Plimpton was selected for their now-widely used Data Portal that helps clients directly service their own legal needs interactively with guidance for cyber breach notification and AI regulation and cybersecurity enforcement tracking. The Data Portal is built on the LogicNets platform to digitize and automate an immense amount of their proprietary legal decisioning logic and, as the award proves, the results have clear value.

Read the article on the Debevoise & Plimpton website: here

Learn more about the LogicNets platform here: here

New LogicNets Release v7.4

October 2022

LogicNets has released an updated version 7.4 of the LogicNets platform. The positive impact of the new features in this important release will be realized by designers modeling their decision content and by the staff managing, publishing, and deploying their LogicNets applications. It also brings new functionality to our Web Service, Starter App, and Assessment Frameworks. Finally, it has incorporated new underlying functionality for staying abreast of rapidly evolving standards for security and data privacy.

AUC is for Real – Radiology Today

April 2022

Consensus is starting to build that AUC is going to be enforced in the beginning of 2023. On Radiology Today latest edition, they covered a story on the likelihood that use of a CDSM for appropriate use validation (AUC) IS going to be enforced at the start of 2023.

Check out the article here.


April 2022

LogicNets will be exhibiting at HIMSS22 in Orlando, Florida from March 14 to 18. We’ll be demoing both our AUC solution and the underlying LogicNets decision support platform. Come visit us at booth #4121 to see how easy it is to create powerful, interactive online guidance for subjects like COVID protocols, diagnostic treatment guidelines, structured reporting, and much more.

Click below for brochures we made available at HIMSS22:

Konica Minolta and LogicNets Partner to Deliver AUC Solution

November 23, 2021

Konica Minolta has selected and partnered with LogicNets as the CMS-qualified secure online Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM) to enable users of the Exa® platform to meet the CMS AUC validation requirements under PAMA. With the next release of Exa, advanced imaging orders placed through the Exa Physician Portal will automatically be validated electronically with the LogicNets solution for efficiency and ease of use. Konica Minolta chose LogicNets technology because it is flexible and customizable for an optimal customer experience. Exa customers can acquire AUC consultation capacity directly from LogicNets.

Click here to read the Konica Minolta announcement

Read the coverage:


Radiology Society North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting 2021

LogicNets will once again be exhibiting at RSNA in Chicago from Nov 28 to Dec 2. We will have our full 10×20 booth and we will be showing off our AUC Solution for advanced imaging and PAMA compliance, as well as our general platform and its use in Radiology environments for structured reporting and other decision support-driven use cases. Most important, we will continue our long-standing tradition of the giant Jenga challenge! If you’re a current or prospective customer or partner, please stop by booth 6656 in the North Hall Level 3, the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. We look forward to seeing you.

Fivos Health Rolls Out New Practice Management Release with LogicNets AUC CDSM Integration

October 2021

Fivos Health, formerly Medstreaming, has recently made a new release of its medical practice management software available to customers featuring AUC CDSM support through a new seamless integration with the LogicNets AUC Solution. Fivos customers are in the process of upgrading their prior Medstreaming versions of the software to a major new release under the Fivos name. These customers will have built-in access to the new integrated CDSM feature which will allow them to seamlessly generate AUC guidance and advice from the LogicNets qCDSM as they work in the patient record to setup advanced imaging orders. Fivos customers with the new CDSM feature will be able to flexibly determine their AUC validation needs and acquire LogicNets AUC consultation capacity directly from LogicNets as needed to most effectively control their costs.

LogicNets Releases V2.0 of the AUC Solution for Validating Advanced Imaging Orders

March 2021

LogicNets has released a new version of the AUC Solution, our on-demand turnkey cloud service for helping Medicare and Medicaid providers comply with the AUC mandate under PAMA. The new release lets users and organizations more easily access and administer the service and integrate it into a scalable and cost-effective workflow. Highlights include:

  • New interactive EMR integration tools
  • “Practice mode” for users to train at no cost during rollout
  • Advanced workflow automation for users and organizations to collaborate, share results and avoid manual processes and additional costs.

The AUC Solution includes an interactive portal application that can be accessed and used in production at no cost by any provider or practitioner involved in ordering or furnishing imaging services.

Click here to register for and try out the AUC Solution or call us +1 202-715-3725

To access the full AUC Solution v2.0 press release click here.

To access the LogicNets AUC Solution Overview brochure, click here.

Criterions to Provide LogicNets AUC Solution for PAMA Compliance

July 2020

Criterions, a leading provider of integrated practice management and electronic health record solutions for medical offices, clinics and billing services of all sizes, has partnered with LogicNets to deliver the LogicNets AUC Solution to its customers.

The AUC Solution ensures that Criterions customers achieve easy and efficient compliance with the mandatory requirements of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) legislation. It also ensures that they have the benefit of state-of-the-art appropriate use criteria guidelines for selecting the most appropriate imaging services as they diagnose the priority clinical areas defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The LogicNets-Criterions partnership allows Criterions users to access the clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM) service either as a standalone service or through a Criterions-developed integration.

Click here to read about Criterions’ AUC strategy and partnership with LogicNets.

Click here to learn more about Criterions.

Debevoise & Plimpton Launches Data Strategy and Security Portal

June 8, 2020

The Data Strategy and Security practice of Debevoise & Plimpton, a leading global corporate law firm, has launched its new data portal built on LogicNets. The new online interactive tool helps Debevoise clients facing a breach to assess and begin addressing their notification obligations within minutes of detection. It asks clients a series of questions about a hypothetical or actual incident, and within minutes it generates a detailed report of the resulting breach notification obligations – including whom to notify, by when, what the notice should include, and the method of notification. It also generates templates for the actual notifications. The Portal is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes in breach notification laws and regulatory guidance. By using LogicNets as the underlying no-code development platform, Debevoise has been able to create a highly sophisticated system that can be developed and maintained by legal content experts, with remarkably rapid updates to ensure compliance with a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

Click here to get more information about the Debevoise Data Strategy Portal.

INFICON Launches FabRecover

May 28, 2020

INFICON , a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and advanced process control software for the semiconductor industry, has announced FabRecover — the first dynamic decision support system specifically designed for semiconductor manufacturing operations.

FabRecover provides dynamic, real time maintenance decision support, as well as visibility to maintenance history for maximizing tool availability and minimizing support costs. The FabRecover application is the latest software offering from Inficon built on LogicNets, the underlying platform that enables the capture and delivery of Semiconductor industry-specific expert guidelines and processes that can be entirely customized and controlled for each functional unit within a semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Click here to get more information about Inficon’s FabRecover.

Elsevier Partners with LogicNets on COVID-19 Anxiety Screening Tool

April 30, 2020

Partnering with LogicNets, Elsevier has launched a new anxiety screening tool as part of its response to COVID-19. The online tool is driven by Elsevier’s extensive evidence-based guidelines for diagnosing anxiety symptoms and dynamically guides clinicians through an interactive process to determine the extent of patient anxiety and to link the patient with a wide range of available resources and treatment options.

By partnering with LogicNets, Elsevier was able to rapidly capture and organize COVID-19 diagnostic best practices in an electronic format for online interactive use. The companies joined forces in April 2020 and had the initial released version available to the clinical community later that month.

Click here to access the Elsevier COVID-19 Resources page where you can link to the Anxiety Screening tool under “Mental Health”.

HIMSS 2020

March 10 – 12 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando

Come visit us at booth #5642. We will be demonstrating our Decision Support Platform as a Service in general and our new CMS-qualified CDSM for AUC validation under PAMA, as well as other “smart” healthcare solutions. Read more

Radiology Society North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting 2019

December 1 to December 6 at the McCormick Place in Chicago

If you are planning to attend the RSNA annual conference in Chicago, please be certain to visit us in the North Hall at Booth 6010. we are really looking forward to unveiling the latest version of our AUC Solution for Advanced Imaging as well as demonstrating Advanced Structured Reporting. Our AUC Solution, built in partnership with Intermountain Health, stands apart from other offerings. While AUC CDSMs are often viewed as a bothersome set of additional workflow forms for submitting CMS reimbursement claims, The LogicNets AUC Solution shines as a powerful tool for streamlining the process and offering meaningful guidance. We will be demonstrating its unique visual pathway approach and “silent mode” operation with integration to the patient record and advanced informatics. We’ll also be continuing our traditional Giant Jenga game that has been a regular hit with show attendees. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

G2 Speech Launches new LogicNets Pathology Offering at Pathology Week UK

New partnership set to extend technology benefits to pathologists across the UK and IE

In line with National Pathology Week, 4 – 10 November 2019, G2 Speech and LogicNets announced a new partnership. The new offering based on LogicNets decision support platform extends the benefits of G2 Speech’s existing clinical workflow management solution with the intelligent platform provided by LogicNets, offering clinical decision support (CDS) and advanced structured reporting to pathologists and other healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland. Read the Press Release here.