Make it Your Own

LogicNets Use Case Packages are highly configurable and customizable. You can extend and modify the behavior and look-and-feel for any application. Just as with your modeled content, the LogicNets visual designer is where you can create use case frameworks and set and modify their behavior. Customizing the use case packaging is typically performed by more technical application specialists. LogicNets can provide or supplement these resources in order to help you identify and implement critical functionality for your special use cases and integration needs.

Look and Feel

LogicNets use case frameworks isolate your application logic and content from the templates and style sheets that control the application’s look and feel. This allows you to independently deploy your organization’s own web design staff in the event you want to customize your UIs beyond the standard packaging options. LogicNets design staff can also provide UI customization services when you want a special look-and-feel or behavior but don’t have access to in-house resources to implement them.

Customizing Packages

Package frameworks can be customized by adding a customization layer on top of them. This can be used to extend or change functionality. We can train you how to do this with our low-code designer, or we can help you do this for you.


Your applications can be integrated with your pre-existing software infrastructure and underlying workflow. In fact, we have standard connectors for most commonly used workflow systems such as CRM, ERP, MIS, EHS, or EMR. Additionally, we have documented API’s for integrating with our packages, along with web services components that can be used to implement sophisticated integrations through our visual designer. LogicNets can train you on external application integration or we can perform the work as a pro service on your behalf.