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Appropriate Use Validation for PAMA

Turnkey, Cloud-Based

The LogicNets AUC Solution is a powerful, straightforward and easy-to-access qualified clinical decision support mechanism (qCDSM) that helps you meet the CMS PAMA legal mandate for electronic appropriate use validation for all advanced imaging orders.
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Easy, Quick, Effective

Our unmatched visual guidance makes it easy for ordering professionals at all levels of experience and training to generate meaningful results.

In just a few clicks you can generate the AUC results and specific codes you need to ensure imaging order reimbursement.

Put the leading evidence-based appropriate use guidelines from Intermountain Health and NCCN at your fingertips.

Modular and Secure Web Platform

The AUC Solution is a modular web-based technology. The underlying CDSM web service is securely available to ordering professionals through both integrated workflow systems (EMR/RIS) and the LogicNets standalone AUC Portal.

For PAMA compliance, the service provides on-demand access to electronic AUC guidelines from Intermountain Health and NCCN for the 8 “priority clinical areas” mandated by the CMS.

The CDSM Service processes consultations and retains records for user-accessible graphical reporting and analytics using its web-based Reporting Module.

External applications — EMR or RIS systems — integrate with the CDSM Service using standard CDS Hooks and FHIR-based web service calls.

The browser-based AUC Portal lets you quickly select imaging services, indicate the patient scenario, and generate immediate results outside of the EMR.

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Meeting the Needs of All Roles

Bring high productivity to your complete team of referring, furnishing, and administrative professionals.

Why Wait?

Register below now for your free, online AUC Portal account. Try it out in practice mode to see what it takes to start validating your orders. You can invite your colleagues and manage how your organization is linked to other referring or imaging organizations.

Switch over to production mode at any time by acquiring AUC consultation credits. The consultation credits never expire. When you run out of credits you can simply add them at any time. In production mode, you will see the required billing details and we will save the consultation details according to CMS regulations.

Start now and be ready!

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