Making Legal Firms Smarter

Technology and the digital economy are putting new pressures on legal firms to provide automated services at a much lower cost. Add to that entirely new fields of digital law, innumerable jurisdictions and constantly changing laws, traditional practices are finding they must adapt. With LogicNets, you can build a wide range of legal applications to meet the demand for self-service and legal process automation. The result is a more profitable approach that keeps your billable resources free to service higher value cases.

Productized Services

Many forms of basic legal advice have become harder to deliver profitably through legal staff. With LogicNets, you can re-package consultative services into profitable self-service applications, allowing clients in a range of legal domains to assess their status and dynamically generate your recommendations.

New Domains

The constant development of new regulations around the handling of digital information is stoking demand for basic legal guidance. Our legal services customers use LogicNets to capture their proprietary processes for assessing relevant jurisdictions and analyzing client liability and obligations to create an ever-growing set services to address the digital domain.

Big Data

Digitization and online access to information has created entirely new capabilities and expectations for legal analytics. LogicNets can connect the analytical processes captured in the LogicNets applications of our legal service customers with external data repositories in order to match case and client attributes to heuristic trends and precedents.

Digitize Expertise

Your most valuable and proprietary legal know-how is often only understood by your most senior practitioners. The know-how for replicating their approach and processes may not be documented or easily shareable and represents a major liability if these resources leave the organization or are not available. When captured with LogicNets, it becomes a permanent corporate asset for enabling your full staff resources to provide a standard and consistent deliverable to meet your clients’ expectations.

Unique Features for Legal Applications

With LogicNets, your legal staff can rapidly model legal decisioning practices and integrate them with resource repositories to create high value self-service applications.

  • Dynamic questionnaires
  • Links to references and learning tools
  • Case and resource matching
  • Data analytics
  • Dynamically generated documents
  • PDF report generation

Create Your Legal Applications

Interactive Legal Advice

Create interactive on-demand applications that intelligently collect information from your clients, dynamically compare it to rules and regulations modeled in the system, and compute real-time recommendations displayed on-screen or distributed as PDFs.

Regulatory Analysis

Rapidly create and easily maintain assessment applications to help clients determine if they comply with or must redress issues with broad industry regulations such as SOX, FINRA rules, HIPAA in the US or GDPR and CE in Europe.

Case Research

Create applications that can perform a range of analyses based on your firm’s proven methodologies. Your LogicNets applications can access external repositories to automatically identify relevant laws and applicability. They can also use predictive analytics to compare any attributes of your cases to the case history and match and rank useful information and resources.


Create applications to automate how you gather basic information from your clients, including on-boarding, discovery, and profiles.