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 Mission-Critical Smart Applications for Many Industries

LogicNets is a proven platform for a wide range of content-driven decisioning applications used in multiple industries.   Our customers capture and maintain their critical decisioning and business process knowledge in LogicNets.  The system then transforms and delivers that content to users to support a variety of powerful use cases that address key needs in a range of industries.  Our value proposition is particularly attractive for industries where access to complex information is critical to operating successfully and maintaining a competitive edge.   The industries where we have proven our value in large-scale production environments includes healthcare, manufacturing, support and services, sale operations, and more.


Clinicians and practitioners can’t be experts in every area and are constantly challenged by the rapid progress of studies and evolution of new knowledge. To provide guidance, organizations are augmenting their workflow infrastructure to provide next generation tools for reinforcing informed decisioning. LogicNets is a strategic platform to help organizations give clinicians immediate access from the workflow to guidance and supporting information for: diagnoses and treatments, appropriate use validation for medications and procedures, structured reporting, screening and assessments, patient care management, and much more.

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Your sales process is where you forge profitable long-term relationships with customers and the market. It is where expectations are set. And it’s not just about creating positive impressions. It involves determining the exact combination of products and services that will most cost effectively address your customer’s challenges. The technical configuration, client-specific documentation and collateral, the bill of goods, the pricing, the use of special discounts must all be performed correctly. And when your product catalog is voluminous and complex, this is not trivial and the cost of a mistake may lead to an unprofitable relationship. With LogicNets, your Sales operations team can deploy tools to rapidly and dynamically ensure that your processes and deliverables are optimal for each customer interaction.

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Your customers need to see a return on their investment with your products and services. Down-time due to lack of real-time support guidance is unacceptable. LogicNets helps you keep your customers happy and productive by enabling smart applications that connect to your products, predict failure, and interactively guide users reps to successfully troubleshoot and resolve even the trickiest issues.

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Technology and the digital economy are putting new pressures on legal firms to provide automated services at a much lower cost. Add to that entirely new fields of digital law, innumerable jurisdictions and constantly changing laws, traditional practices are finding they must adapt. With LogicNets, you can build a wide range of legal applications to meet the demand for self-service and legal process automation. The result is a more profitable approach that keeps your billable resources free to service higher value cases.

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