Debevoise & Plimpton

Data Breach Notification Assessment Tool (NATS) “The Debevoise & Plimpton Data Portal is an online suite of tools that helps our clients comply with their cybersecurity and privacy legal obligations. The Data Portal includes the Notification Assessment Tool, an easy-to-use, query-based system to provide rapid assessments of data-breach notification obligations, which is built on the […]

Ediphy Advisors

Procedures Optimizing Ordering and Revenue Cycle Management & Compliance Ediphy is a state-of-the-art services firm that helps a wide range of healthcare organizations understand and comply with the complex regulatory and administrative requirements of today’s healthcare delivery system.  Ediphy adopted the LogicNets platform in 2020 to enable significantly more powerful custom automation of compliance protocols […]


Track Maintenance Planner ProRail – the Dutch national railway system – uses LogicNets to integrate and coordinate the planning, implementation, and reporting activities around nation-wide rail maintenance across the full range of its thousands of employees. The staff who plan rail maintenance activities use a graphical interface built in LogicNets to visualize the track system […]


Long Term Structured Data Collection for HIV Patients SHM has used LogicNets as its platform to create a robust end-to-end workflow for nationwide monitoring and assistance of all patients in the Netherlands known to have HIV. Their LogicNets platform manages and tracks patients and staff members, identifying roles and responsibilities and sequencing interactive guidance through protocols […]


Synoptic Reporting for Pathology PALGA is the national pathology foundation of the Netherlands. It is empowered by the Dutch national health system to provide a mandatory synoptic reporting application that is used by all pathologists in the country working out of 56 regional pathology labs. The LogicNets application uses PALGA-modeled decisioning to enable pathologists to […]

Wolters Kluwer UpToDate

Advanced Clinical Decision Support PATHWAYS UpToDate has used LogicNets as the underlying platform on which to build and deliver its next generation online clinical guidance system – Pathways. Pathways is a highly visual browser-based application that is being offered to UpToDate’s subscription base of over 1.3 million physicians worldwide. Physicians can interactively navigate diagnostic and treatment […]


Pre-Op Diabetes Management The UCSF Diabetes Research Center is a leading authority on the proper preparation of diabetes patients for surgery. Diabetes patients cannot simply refrain from eating prior to an operation and require very specific guidelines for how to adjust their food and medicine intake as they prepare for surgery. It took UCSF over […]


Element Design Protocols LEGO uses LogicNets to capture a wide range of expert processes and then guide all employees interactively so that “each engineer is as good as the best”. The company is constantly designing new elements. However, it is critical that these elements retain a critical level of quality and compatibility with LEGO manufacturing and […]

Ford Motors

Paint Quality Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostics Ford developed with the LogicNets platform a suite of applications for monitoring, analyzing and resolving paint defects that may occur during the manufacturing process. The company has created a visual defect counting application that runs on hand-held devices for real-time monitoring of defects in production. They also use LogicNets’ ability […]

Texas Instruments

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing QC Protocols and Ordering Portal Texas Instruments uses LogicNets as an application platform to enable engineers to create and maintain a wide range of internal testing protocols that guide manufacturing staff through quality control processes in TI factories throughout the world. The company also uses LOGICNETS as a platform for a sophisticated supplier […]