Track Maintenance Planner

ProRail – the Dutch national railway system – uses LogicNets to integrate and coordinate the planning, implementation, and reporting activities around nation-wide rail maintenance across the full range of its thousands of employees. The staff who plan rail maintenance activities use a graphical interface built in LogicNets to visualize the track system and perform dynamic what-if analyses on various maintenance activities by selecting sections of track to be put into a maintenance cycle and having the system compute resulting scenarios. The application uses ProRail’s own business rules, maintained by a team of over 20 engineers and operators. The ProRail application is a tribute to the level of sophistication that LogicNets applications can manage. Scheduled maintenance activities need to be structured to minimize impact on normal train operations, tested against many safety rules and approved as part of a consolidated workflow by numerous parties. Furthermore, ProRail scheduling rules naturally change frequently and, with LogicNets, ProRail’s own staff and contractors can dynamically update and deploy new rules in the application independently of the application development cycle.