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Content-Driven Applications Demand A New Approach

For a broad range of important business processes, automation through traditional development approaches has simply not been viable.   This is particularly true for “content-driven” applications where the business process is unique for each organization and is constantly evolving as the experts progressively refine how to solve the relevant problems.  It is extraordinarily difficult to communicate complex business logic to a programming staff, wait for them to develop programs that reflect the best process, and then deploy, only to discover that requirements have changed

Experts – Not Programmers – Create Applications

LogicNets has a unique value proposition for enabling rapid and low-cost development of your organization’s unique content-driven processes. Staff from the business itself are able to rapidly and easily sketch their decision processes into the LogicNets designer interface.  The system immediately transforms this graphically managed content into  highly effective applications accessed online by staff and interfaced to by external systems.  Applications can be put into production without the need for coding and lengthy review of unique and specialized processes.  LogicNets supports a highly efficient deployment process, not only managing decisioning content, but also overseeing collaborative content reviews and dynamically managing post-deployment user feedback and machine learning

Tech Staff Control Application Logic and Experts Control Content

A major benefit of this approach is our ability to isolate the development of the decisioning content from our sophisticated application infrastructure.  Our Use Case frameworks ensure that content-driven applications match the necessary behavior requirements of wide scale deployment and they can optionally be managed and continuously enhanced by the organization’s IT/Development staff.   As a result, traditional organizational processes for deploying and managing large-scale applications are maintained even as the content continuously evolves through the direct involvement of subject matter experts.