Digital Clinical Guidelines 2.0

Real Digital Assets, Not PDFs

As a developer of clinical content, you have no choice but to truly go digital. PDFs and downloads are not good enough! Clinicians, practitioners and patients no longer have the time to consume guidance in the form of prose-based PDFs. They need interactive, step-by-step access delivered in real time at the point of care. Your content needs to be fully integrated with their workflow. And your guidance needs to embody the full sophistication of your knowledge and its supporting conditionality, integrating with the latest informatics standards, and providing dynamic access to underlying evidence and resources.

This is where LogicNets comes in…

Digital Authoring Made Easy

LogicNets’ full-featured interactive design environment allows your guideline authors to visually model clinical guidance into powerful digitally executable content. By deconstructing your clinical knowledge into manageable and re-usable digital elements visualized as flow diagrams, a world of digital productivity opens up.

Now, your clinical experts don’t have to be programmers to manage digital content. Constructing decision pathways is a breeze in the LogicNets interactive Designer. And building data models incorporating informatics code sets and linking underlying evidence and resources to each element is a seamless process. LogicNets ensures robustness by supporting any archetype or data model your application requires.

Powerful Content Delivery for All Scenarios

Your LogicNets digital guidelines can be accessed and delivered both within and independent of the clinical workflow:

  • Integrated in the Workflow: clinicians can access your published guidelines from within the patient record via LogicNets plug-in web services and the embedded interactive viewer
  • Standalone Viewer: LogicNets makes your content securely accessible over the web to users as a visual and interactive browser-based application.
  • Standard Healthcare Formats: LogicNets can create and export digital files in widely accepted healthcare interchange formats — like FHIR, compatible with commonly used EHR systems.
  • Intelligent PDF Generation: Traditional PDFs and text-based derivatives can still be a pillar of your content distribution strategy.

Your Content Formatted for Intelligent Digital Access

Capture all the details of your traditional guideline formats, while graphically structuring the underlying logic and pathways so that they can be easily set by non-programmers to drive intelligent workflow

Fully Enabled with Advanced Informatics

Easily link your guidelines to common code and value set systems so that your guidance can seamlessly interoperate within the workflow using advanced informatics.

Integrated via Plug-In Web Services

Deliver content as a powerful plug-in embedded in the workflow. Your licensees and users don’t have to create their own programs for interpreting your guidelines, they simply call the LogicNets service.

Prepare and Protect Yourself for AI

Curate your proprietary knowledge in a controlled authoring environment that safely integrates with AI tools such as natural language processing, yet ensures that your guidance is delivered in accordance with scientific standards--based on transparent and repeatable evidence and fully documented and attributable to creditable sources.