EMR/RIS Vendors

Avoid the Cost and Complexity of AUC

The LogicNets AUC Solution stands out for its ease of integration with EMR and RIS systems and its ability to fully support the sophisticated informatics requirements of modern workflow. Your existing systems are easily configured to give users seamless access to the CDSM service and the priority AUC guidelines mandated by CMS.

Modular Web Architecture

The AUC Criteria contain the decision logic for each priority clinical area and are dynamically selected and processed by the CDSM Service during each AUC consultation.

The CDSM Service processes consultations and retains records for reporting and analytics via the Reporting Module. It intelligently toggles between “silent mode” in the background and LogicNets’ distinctive visual pathways interface.

External applications — such as the EMR or RIS — integrate with the CDSM Service via standard web services calls using a CDS Hooks and FHIR-based method. LogicNets provides an online integration sandbox to make testing your integration quick and easy.

If a referring physician does not have an automated means to validate an order, the LogicNets AUC Portal application provides an alternative easy-to-use means of selecting patient scenarios, submitting consultations, and gaining immediate access to the results.

Integration Options

Depending on your pre-existing workflow capabilities, you can integrate LogicNets at different levels to meet your needs:

  • Fully embedded. Connect our web service directly into your applications with CDS-Hooks and configurable informatics. The service works behind the scenes in “silent mode”, but you can invoke the interactive visual guidelines to prompt users for supplemental information.
  • Portal integration. Open the LogicNets AUC Portal using SmartOnFHIR to pass patient, order information, and clinical scenario details. After the user completes the consultation, outcome details are copied back to your application for continued processing.
  • Simple connection. Refer users to the AUC Portal without integration. Users can take full advantage of LogicNets collaborative processing. This is often a great short-term strategy as you develop and roll out the integrated approaches.

Secure and Reliable Cloud Platform

The LogicNets AUC Solution is a secure, high-availability cloud service to reliably deliver the convenience of web-based access for what is now a critical function. Our AWS-based infrastructure provides complete PAMA and HIPAA compliance and ensures that your data stays within the US, is protected from loss and outages, and is retained for the obligatory 6+ years retention period.

Integration Resources

In healthcare, workflow integration benefits from use of the most current interoperability standards. With AUC, we’ve received top grades for implementing a modern FHIR and CDS Hooks-based API. Our vendor and provider IT partners find it easy and cost effective to securely connect, interoperate, and implement advanced informatics.

With LogicNets you can tell interoperability is easy, because we don’t require a paid engagement. We provide no-cost, online direct support to introduce you to our comprehensive and intuitive toolset as you make it happen.

Beyond AUC – A Complete CDS Platform

The AUC Solution is an application that we have developed in our own LogicNets no-code CDS development Platform. Just let us know when you’re ready and you can move beyond AUC to create and deploy a wide range of additional clinical decision support functions for your organization.

AUC is just the first example of mandated guidance that is forecast to expand across the healthcare workflow of the future. You’ll be able to leverage your use of the AUC Solution to expand your inclusion of CDS procedures as you identify areas where interactive on-demand clinical guidance can improve operations, lower costs, and eliminate potential errors.