Digital Transformation

Manufacturing, more than any other industry, is at the epicenter of the iOT and AI revolutions. Massive amounts of new data and knowledge are now available. And, if the organization can only intelligently and rapidly process this information the rewards are massive – significant increases in quality and productivity, more targeted products, faster time to market.

Yet, as this mass of additional information and data becomes accessible throughout the various operational areas, manufacturers are challenged by the inability to make the information actionable in a reliable and productive way. It is no mean feat to incorporate ever more complex and constantly changing best practices so that workers and machines can consistently achieve optimal outcomes. The know-how for how to recognize an increasing number of conditions and factors and respond optimally is first developed by expert or key employees, or derived and computed through analytical processes. How can the organization rapidly re-structure and format this know-how and information in a way that it can be propagated via automation to the broader organization and its full potential realized?

LogicNets to the Rescue

Using LogicNets, manufacturers can react rapidly to leverage their constantly improving know-how, whether driven by state-of-the art AI and populated by IOT data feeds or whether it is simply expanding existing tribal knowledge to the broader organization. LogicNets delivers best practice guidance and system automation in a standardized and reliable format so that all participants in the workflow have real-time, on-demand access to the most up-to-date content.  LogicNets is used by leading manufacturers to optimize key business content-driven processes in R&D, Production, Quality Assurance, Sales, Support and Field Services.