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Details on What you Need

Read the details below to understand how to select which LogicNets configuration you need and how you can deploy LogicNets to best match your objectives.

What are my options for accessing LogicNets?

The options for accessing and working with the LogicNets platform include:

  • Cloud Subscription – Using LogicNets infrastructure, you can design applications and make them available to your users without having to deploy software, allocate infrastructure, engage with your IT department or manage uptime. The service is available on an annual basis and comes with our standard Support and Maintenance service. We use hosting infrastructure from leading providers such as AWS and our staff administers your environment, tending to data security, protection, and availability.
  • On-Premise license – You deploy both the Designer and Run-Time system instances on your own infrastructure whether it’s your own facility or a 3rd party cloud service. With On-Premise licenses, you administer the environment independently of LogicNets. We provide a range of services to make you effective, including admin training and our standard Support and Maintenance Service. On-Premise licenses are typically acquired on a permanent term with a single up-front payment. Single and multi-year term licenses with automatic renewal are also available.
  • Hybrid Cloud – LogicNets cloud access can be combined with On-Premise use, typically to provide selective access for different application phases. For instance, your content modelers and developers can work in our cloud environment without requiring attention from your IT organization who may wish to provide an internal service only for the run-time production instances of your applications.

What are LogicNets Users?

LogicNets licenses are generally user based. The “Designer Licenses” provide access for your individual content modelers to the LogicNets Designer. The “Named User” licenses give the users of your applications access to the run-time environment. Simply acquire the appropriate licenses as you need them. There is no limit to the number of applications you can create to support these users or the number of servers where you install run-time instances. As your community grows, our volume discounts will help you realize big savings – especially when you pre-allocate capacity.

How do I select the functionality I need?

LogicNets has a flexible modular architecture. Make your applications increasingly sophisticated by adding LogicNets layered components. Start with the LogicNets Base License which provides both the Designer and the Core Run-Time System. Select our various Framework Applications to package your content for specific use cases. Now, optionally extend the core capabilities with the advanced modules and extensions.

What are my support options?

Logicnets offers a range of support options to ensure that you can achieve your design and application deployment and maintenance goals:

  • Support Self-Service – All LogicNets designer users can avail themselves to the LogicNets no-cost Support Self-Service portal. It provides access to a wide range of searchable topics to provide guidance for creating and maintaining applications in LogicNets
  • 9×5 Standard Support and Maintenance – Designer and admin users can access business hour coverage including your own private support portal, phone and messaging-based communications, access to the latest LogicNets functionality, and a commitment to solve your issues quickly and in sync with their severity.
  • Premium Support Options – Depending on your location premium services are available to expand the standard service to 24×7 coverage and to accommodate the needs of global organizations.

Can LogicNets host my permanent licenses?

If you prefer permanent licensing for software, but don’t have infrastructure available to host your licenses, LogicNets also provides a hosting service to manage your On-Premise licenses on our own infrastructure. Our hosting infrastructure is provided by industry leaders such as AWS. Our staff administer your installation, ensuring a standard 99.9 up-time SLA and including compliance with leading standards for data security, protection, and availability. A range of advanced admin functions are also available as options including continuous backup and high availability.

Does LogicNets comply with regulations such as HIPAA or CE?

The LogicNets platform has all functionality necessary to build HIPAA and other “compliant” applications. When LogicNets is providing the hosting infrastructure and administration we provide premium capabilities to specifically comply with HIPAA in the US and your CE needs in Europe. The LogicNets AUC service for advanced imaging in Healthcare is specifically and routinely HIPAA certified.

What are the best pre-configured options to meet my needs?

LogicNets’ modular architecture gives you access to a broad range of components you can combine to create progressively more sophisticated applications. You have complete flexibility to license and combine these components a la carte. However, we also offer discounted bundles with pre-configured component sets to match your scale of usage. Depending on how you intend to work with LogicNets, there’s a convenient option for you to engage with us:

  • Free Trial – To simply try LogicNets out and prove that you can easily meet your goals with our system, the LogicNets Free Trial program gives you cloud access to a basic standard configuration at no-cost.
  • Starter Bundle – If you are a small organization or creating a tactical application, the Starter Bundle gives you all basic functionality, accessible as a cloud service.
  • Professional Bundle – If you are creating commercial or production business applications for use by up to 250 users, the Professional Bundle is available with both subscription and on-premise options. The bundle supports all use case packages and also includes a number of advanced functionality and service options – such as visual navigation and modeled workflow.
  • Enterprise Bundle – if you are building a large-scale commercial product embedding LogicNets or plan to use LogicNets as an enterprise resource, the Enterprise bundle provides functionality and service options that enable global user communities and support multi-server and high availability deployment.
  • If you are embedding LogicNets as a component within your own commercial product offering, you can make use of our OEM Partnership Program. It provides a blanket On-Premise license for enabling and training your full range of internal users — from development to support, sales, etc – and a range of options for usage licensing to synch with your commercial model.

Transaction Licenses

Often, your LogicNets applications exist to integrate to other automated processes and systems, or to interact with smart equipment, rather than interactively guide a human user or provide a support environment for a particular user. With LogicNets transaction licensing options, you can make the system available as a web-service and simply pay a fee for each transaction based on the return of a computed result via web services to an external system. The system has robust reporting and monitoring to allow you to easily track and forecast your transaction capacity needs.

For specific pricing and configuration information on any of these options, please contact us. Click here to see the Preconfigured Bundles price/feature table