HighSoft is the developer of the HighCharts data visualization software platform. HighSoft’s mission is to make it easy to visualize and consume data on the web.  Highcharts remains the fastest growing charting-tool in the competitive data visualization space. LogicNets embeds and provides HighCharts under license as the core of LogicNets Advanced Charting function. highcharts.com

Yes Logic

YesLogic is a software company dedicated to providing quality and innovative software products that are flexible, efficient, affordable and easy to use. YesLogic’s flagship product is Prince, the ground-breaking HTML to PDF formatter that sets new standards for printing on the web. LogicNets embeds and provides YesLogic Prince under license as the core of the […]


For more than 160 years the American Medical Association (AMA) has worked to create a healthier future for patients.  AMA’s goals focus on scientific advancement, standards for medical education, launching a program of medical ethics, and improving public health. LogicNets partners with AMA to integrate AMA’s widely used CPT code sets as part of the […]