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Clinical Decision Support Solutions




  • Visually capture your clinical decision-making know-how and propagate it via browser-based applications throughout the organization

  • Eliminate errors and improve quality of results

  • Streamline your clinical decision-making processes and workflows

  • Improve collaboration between doctors, medical staff and even patients

An Enabling Technology for Virtually Any Decision-Making Process

LogicNets can be accessed as a secure cloud service or can be hosted on-site by the organization. The system is accessed by users across the network from any common browser-enabled device, both to capture decision-making logic and to use the resulting applications. The result is just-in-time delivery of know-how at the moment it is needed, whether using a mobile device or a traditional desktop system.

Customer Usage Cases

A variety of healthcare organizations have used LogicNets to capture their own unique procedures and the expertise of their best doctors and staff members for a range of medical applications. Some of the most popular uses include:

Clinical Protocols

The UCSF Diabetes Center has created a website available to doctors worldwide to guide them through the optimal pre-operative steps for diabetic patients undergoing surgery.


Synoptic Reporting

PALGA – the Dutch national network of pathology labs – has created a synoptic reporting application conforming to national and international standards to simplify the work of pathology clinicians, reduce the potential for error, and greatly increase the feasibility of outcome-based research.

Guides, Checklists and Assessments

Jewish Guild Healthcare – a major New York-based healthcare organization – has automated and standardized the process of performing and issuing in-home patient care assessments via a LogicNets application accessed from mobile computing devices.


LogicNets Clinical Decision Support Platform High-Level Features


Feature Benefit
Visual designer and project publisher Model sophisticated workflow with no programming and make it immediately accessible as web application
Browser-based platform Accessible from any location, any web-enabled device. Can be acquired either as cloud-based service or hosted on-premise by the organization
Mobile device support Accessible for mobile users running Android, iOS or Windows
Off-line extension Accessible without connectivity
Medical Application Frameworks (Pre-configured functional layout, navigation, network security, user and case management, reporting, and more) Need only focus on modeling your diagnostic or process logic. Your applications are fit for large-scale production environments
Predictive diagnostics System learns heuristically and can automatically display and guide through multiple pathways to optimal outcomes
Knowledge Center (searchable knowledge base for managing and sharing content articles) System can manage knowledge content internally in place of or in coordination with an external Knowledge Management System (KMS)
Remote Device Monitoring System can interact directly with networked devices to automatically initiate expert processes
Web Services Interface Secure and standard communication interfaces method to any external system with a Web Services API (e.g. KMS, CRM, PBX, HIS, EHR, PACS, etc.) using standards such as DICOM, HL7
Admin interface and tools Ability to tightly manage users, resources, security
Reporting – PDF, CSV, exportable: Users, usage, pathways, outcomes, and much more (based on system recording navigation of all decision steps) All players can easily generate reports to confirm results, audit usage, analyse processes and outcomes, determine ROI, etc.