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Technical Specs

Working in LogicNets requires an online subscription to the LogicNets Designer and a web browser.

System Requirements

You don’t need a lot of complicated technology to make LogicNets work.

To Create Applications

– LogicNets Designer Subscription

– Any current, standard web browser

To Share Applications

– Any current, standard web browser

Engineering Details

LogicNets is based on the C, C++, and Lua programming languages. It combines the performance of C as a static programming language and the flexibility of Lua as a dynamic programming language. All core processes and interfaces are in C. The Lua runtime is integrated in the C core and allows the application to call Lua scripts on demand. The Lua scripts are used for specific user functions. There is no compilation required, significantly reducing the development time to create new functionality.

Prototyping new functionality using the scripting environment gives LogicNets direct control over functionality that can be evaluated and optimized in realtime. This is a drastic departure from methodology and architecture used by most software development companies. The proof of success is that we at LogicNets use our own system to further develop our products.

Hosting Details

LogicNets ensures the security and scalability of your applications. The company maintains servers in Network Operations Centers (NOCs) hosted by several leading IT service providers. These NOCs allow for complete system redundancy and failover:

Synoptek (formerly Earthlink Cloud)
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure