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Learn what's under the hood of LogicNets by clicking on the extensions and tools below.

Integrate your LogicNets applications with CRM or other existing data sources with LogicNets’ Web Services Connector.

Pull information from your existing systems into your LogicNets applications, work with that data and transmit it back to the originating system or to any additional systems.

Share data between your LogicNets-based application and Salesforce.com, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft’s SharePoint, the AdTrack sales automation system, and more.

Provide those employees who work offsite or require the ability to collect data, including images, away from the office with the same powerful LogicNets-based tools your other team members use. Gather information in the field, take pictures, and upload directly to your applications. iPhone, iPad, Android You can develop LogicNets-based apps for use on the most popular mobile devices to bring your business anywhere it needs to be. Maximize Mobile Device Capabilities Make use of the existing on-board functions of your mobile devices. Record your location with GPS, snap an image with the camera, or scan a barcode or QR code, all as an integrated part of your custom LogicNets mobile app.





Android app on Google Play

Develop complete PDF versions of user manuals, product quotes, or any other documentation that needs to be print-ready from within your LogicNets applications.

PDF on Demand
Embed detailed information in your application, or request specific input from your users, then take that data and and generate a fully formatted PDF document for easy on-the-spot printing.

Display information in your applications using colorful and detailed charts and graphs.

Create visually compelling reports as well as dynamic charts and graphs using system-generated data, or data that you’ve gathered from users in your applications. Highlight key details, pinpoint data trends, and display information more clearly.