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Tech Support Framework Application Modules

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A Modular Approach

LogicNets provides a modular solution set to fully automate delivery, management, and evolution of expert technical knowledge to address the needs of all the functional units within Tech Support and Service departments. The base Support Center Framework provides a comprehensive layer of infrastructure to enable expert decision-making within the Support Center environment. Additional modules automate advanced Support and Service processes. The extensions expand the delivery of LogicNets support functionality to self-service end-user customers and to support offline Field Service reps

LogicNets Support Center Framework

The base solution component which provides critical infrastructure applications for managing:
• Guided call handling and troubleshooting
• Content creation and maintenance
• User and resource management
• Infrastructure interfacing

Predictive Diagnostics Module

Automate and streamline your handling of complicated technical troubleshooting. Leverage LogicNets’ predictive diagnostics engine and heuristic learning to help reps access and deliver expert practices without having to rely on Search.

Watch a demo video of a sample implementation of our Predictive Diagnostics Module

Knowledge Center Module

Manage and leverage your knowledge resources (such as tech notes or documents) within the expert system, using a range of functions that include content management, search and navigation, user access and permissions management, and interactive user feedback.


Remote Device Monitoring Module

Automatically connect to and collect data from remote sources, allowing the systems and equipment you support and service to directly report status and provide diagnostics information.

Embedded Device Support Module

Embed your expert support logic directly on devices so that they can perform their own preventive maintenance or intelligently alert you without human intervention.

Customer Self-Service Extension

Extend LogicNets Tech Support applications to interact directly with end-user customers so that they can service their own support needs.

Off-Line Field Service Extension

Provide full LogicNets application functionality to Field Service staff when in locations that do not provide internet access. Also automates updating other online services such as CRM.