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Tech Support Base Design Platform

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LogicNets Design Platform for Automated Tech Support Tools

Often, the inability of users and reps to follow complex technical protocols puts serious stress on the Support organization. The LogicNets base design platform allows your organization to easily create and deploy your own expert point-solution applications to guide users and reps through the optimal path to resolution. You’ve probably explored creating tools like this in Excel except that the logic, complexity, web-based delivery and layout needed are far beyond the modeling abilities of a spreadsheet. They’re also far too cumbersome to create and maintain online using standard website design tools. With access to the LogicNets design platform, you can quickly configure expert system-based online tools to guide users with the proper diagnostic steps to quickly arrive at the optimal outcome. The most common examples of utilities created by LogicNets Tech Support and Service customers include:


  • Troubleshooting
  • Call-center scripting
  • Configuration tools
  • Calculators
  • Dynamic document/protocol builders
  • On-line surveys and assessment tools
  • Knowledge and learning management repositories
  • And much more…


Standardize troubleshooting steps. Reduce the number of support calls. Relieve the pressure on your help desk. LogicNets’ tools help you provide detailed troubleshooting and fault tree analysis applications online, off-line, or on hand-held devices.

Sample Customer Applications

Thermo King Refrigeration Diagnosis
Thermo King is an industry leader in refrigeration products. With this refrigeration diagnostics application, users can select from a list of potential refrigeration issues and see on a single screen the associated diagnoses for troubleshooting the issues. It allows technicians to quickly determine repair requirements, saving both time and money.

Troubleshooting the Thermo King SB400
This LogicNets application allows users to perform technical troubleshooting on the Thermo King SB400 refrigeration unit. It walks a technician or a truck driver through a series of questions and provides the appropriate conclusions or actions required to troubleshoot that equipment. It also provides repair instructions and images that help standardize repair procedures

Call Center Scripting

With LogicNets you can create scripts and call flows that match your processes and work flows exactly, instead of changing your processes to fit your software. Use our visual design environment to build your perfect system:
• Customized Work/Call Flow
• Script Path Tracking
• Call and Customer Data Recording

Sample Customer Applications

HR Scripting Application
Ingersoll Rand used LogicNets to create a detailed scripting tool for their Human Resources department. This tool contains guided support scripts with information about topics from compensation and benefits to pension and retirement. This scripting tool ensures that all employees of this multinational corporation have the most current and correct information available.

Call Center Scripting Tool

LogicNets allows you to create applications that contain your specialized knowledge. It also allows you to capture key customer information and report on customer interaction. In this sample application created for a fictional small phone company, the system provides self-assistance to customers and potential customers. It also allows customers to enter help tickets that the company’s help center can respond to and track. At the same time, the system gathers and stores the contact information of everyone who interacts with it.

Product Configuration and Quoting Tools

Automated applications for configuring products and generating quotes and proposals can reduce costs, improve order accuracy, and help your business grow.

Sample Customer Applications

Koxka Cabinet Color Selector/Configurator
Koxka offers a broad range of refrigeration solutions for grocery stores, convenience marts, and anywhere food needs to be refrigerated and displayed. They used LogicNets to create an online configuration tool that allows customers to view all possible cabinets, colors, and logo placements to determine their perfect selection. Once a customer has decided on the combination that works best for them, the system provides customer and sales team a printable copy of their selections.

Kobol Configurator
This application provides users the ability to view cooling product information and configure Kobol equipment in a selection of 6 languages. The system is available through the Koxka website and as a standalone application. It allows users to review product technical specifications, determine their required product model, create a calculation based on user selection parameters, and create an online order for each of the Kobol product families and models.


Sample Customer Applications

TriPac ROI Calculator
Thermo King offers the TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to help eliminate unnecessary truck idling, keep drivers comfortable, and save money for trucking companies and fleet managers. This ROI calculator started as an Excel spreadsheet, which Thermo King converted to a web-based tool using LogicNets. It helps Thermo King Sales and Marketing professionals sell their product because potential customers can quickly understand the financial benefits of purchasing and operating Thermo King TriPac APUs.

Sample Customer Applications

Life Cost Comparison Calculator
The ability to show customers just how much they can save using Thermo King technology assists Thermo King sales teams in more easily selling products. With the Life Cycle Cost Calculator, users can perform a detailed evaluation of Thermo King purchase proposals in comparison to competitor proposals. The calculator includes an option so users can choose to work in one of 14 languages and in a range of currencies. The tool provides users a complete comparison and final report.

Loan Lease Calculator
Give customers the tools to determine their best options for purchasing your product. This online calculator allows users to determine if it is better for their business to apply for a loan for or to lease equipment. It is available to potential customers so they can run the numbers by themselves, and Thermo King sales experts can also use the calculator while meeting with a potential customer.

Always*Green Calculator
Hussmann has been developing technologies that offer environmental benefits for more than 15 years, and they are focusing on promoting green technologies that offer environmental benefits plus operating cost savings. The Hussmann Always*Green Total Store Savings Calculator is built using LogicNets and allows users to determine their approximate savings based on a typical single store in switching from standard Hussmann or equivalent technologies to Hussmann Always*Green technologies.


Dynamic Document and Protocol Builders

Ensure your team creates formal proposals, such as Statements of Work (SoWs), that accurately reflect your standards, protocols and specifications. Route requests through the official chain of approvals to speed a job on its way. Automate document and report creation with customizable templates and formatting including multi-lingual support.

Sample Customer Application

Contract Configurator
Building contracts is can be time-consuming for you or your team. Each contract includes variations on the same language and paragraphs. With LogicNets, you can create online an application that stores every possible section required in a contract and allows you to assemble a complete contract based on key selections you make. Pick the correct title, auto-fill the name and address details for those to whom the contract applies, include required terms and definitions, and even add approval signatures. Create legally binding contracts and other official documentation quickly and easily.

Online Surveys and Assessment Tools

Sample Customer Application

The Jewish Guild for the Blind
The Guild is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian agency that serves persons of all ages who are visually impaired, blind, and multidisabled. One of the many programs the Guild offers is managed long-term care and educational training programs for independent living. Nurses with this program manage at-home patients using logicnets that contain detailed medical diagnostics and allow them to gather and track client health details. The system provides step-by-step questions and actions for each outreach call and tracks the advice dispensed and health information gathered.

Knowledge and Learning Management Repositories

Sample Customer Applications

Thermo King TriPac Knowledge Center
Thermo King offers the TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to help eliminate unnecessary truck idling, keep drivers comfortable, and save money for trucking companies and fleet managers. With the TriPac ROI calculator users can quickly understand the financial benefits of purchasing and operating Thermo King TriPac APUs. The TriPac Knowledge Center, built using LogicNets’ knowledge center functionality, organizes instructional videos about the TriPac product for use by Thermo King employees.

Thermo King Learning Management System
With a complex network of corporate, dealer, and contractor organizations, no off-the-shelf learning management system worked for Thermo King. Instead, they used LogicNets to create a tailored online training schedule and student enrollment portal that allows Thermo King employees, customers, and dealers to manage continued training and sign up for in-person and online training courses. The system also tracks employee and contractor training history and complete certification details.

Kaiser Permanente Training Portal
America’s leading health care provider and not-for-profit health plan, Kaiser Permanente serves 8.6 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia. To ensure the best care possible for these customers, Kaiser manages vast numbers of continued education and training courses each year for their employees. With their LogicNets-based application, Kaiser Permanente employees across the United States can quickly and easily determine those training courses that are required and those that are recommended based on the employee’s job category and training history. This saves users time and ensures complete federal and corporate training compliance.