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Yes, our blog did go under the radar screen for a little while. We guess we all got busy and then we looked up to see that months had passed and we hadn’t shared any of the fascinating ideas and customer interactions we had had during that period. So, this entry is to say “we’re back” and we’ve got some really interesting topics to discuss. We’ve got a whole brood of new customers who are using LogicNets for some really effective applications. And we’ve made huge strides in enhancing our off-the-shelf offerings to include standardized infrastructure for supporting workflow, user management, and a range of peripheral functionality in our targeted sectors of:

  • Technical Support and Field Service
  • Environmental Health & Safety, and Risk Management
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Sales Process Automation

For those of you who know LogicNets as a Do-It-Yourself interactive design platform for creating expert system applications, nothing has changed. Our Core System still provides a powerful platform for users in any field to easily capture and automate the workflow of even their most sophisticated business processes. However, our new Framework Applications enhance the LogicNets core with a full set of off-the-shelf functionality covering all the peripheral activities that users in specific fields, such as Technical Support, need to set a context for their core activities of performing diagnostics analysis. The result is that Technical Support organizations can deploy LogicNets as a purpose-built application only focusing their LogicNets design efforts on modeling their diagnostics content… all other functionality including navigation, security, user management, user feedback, access to knowledge repositories is delivered fully functional, modified by LogicNets staff to meet their specific requirements as part of product delivery. Since capturing diagnostics workflow in LogicNets is supremely easy, the advent of the Framework Applications means that the cost and effort of using LogicNets with regard to the time and skill levels of designers has been significantly reduced.

The image above shows all the Framework Application modules and components we have now made available, as an example, specifically for Technical Support and Field Service organizations. We’ve developed similar Framework Applications for EHS/Risk Management, Medical Diagnostics and Sales Process Automation. To see any of the Framework Apps, you should request a demo via the LogicNets website.