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Featured in Mobile Health Marketplace Article

Check out this Mobile Health Marketplace article, featuring UCSF's LogicNets-based app (developed by Dr. Robert J. Rushakoff) as one of the mobile health tools for diabetes highlighted at last year's "Diabetes Management: Devices and Data Driven mHealth Tools"...

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We’re Back… And We’ve Got A Framework

Yes, our blog did go under the radar screen for a little while. We guess we all got busy and then we looked up to see that months had passed and we hadn’t shared any of the fascinating ideas and customer interactions we had had during that period. So, this entry is to...

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Patrick Dowling Appointed VP Business Development

We are delighted to announce that Patrick Dowling has been appointed as LogicNets' new Vice President, Business Development. Patrick brings over 25 years of experience directing global sales, marketing, business development and product strategy in the technology...

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